Adding or editing templates

After you identify the template components that you need, you can create the template. You need to build components before assembling them in the template.

About this task

Before you create a template, review your existing template components to see whether you can reuse any or if you need new components. Template components include: metrics or metrics templates for tracking performance and financial data, attributes and forms for collecting data, and workflow templates for identifying and scheduling project management tasks.

The steps to create a template are generally the same for each object type, with the following exceptions.

  • Unica Plan offers only one template for plans, one template for invoices, and one template for assets. You can edit these templates as needed, but you cannot create more plan, invoice, or asset templates.
  • For project, program, and plan templates, you can select a metrics template on the Properties tab.
  • In each project template, you can specify a workflow within that template, or you can import a previously defined and reusable workflow template.
  • If Unica Plan-Unica Campaign integration is enabled, you identify a project template as a campaign project template on its Campaign tab.

To add or edit a template:


  1. Select Settings > Unica Plan Settings.
  2. In the Other Options section, click Template Configuration then click Templates.
  3. On the Templates page, scroll to the section for the type of marketing object you want to work on.
  4. To create a template, click Add a template in that section. To edit an existing template, click its name.
  5. Supply data on the template Properties tab. This tab corresponds to the Summary tab in the instances that users create from this template. You must supply a template display Name and an internal Template ID.
    The Template ID can include lowercase alphanumeric values only. Do not use accented or non-Roman characters.

    For project, program, and plan templates, you also select a metrics template and set the security policy on this tab. For more information, see Template Properties tab for defining the template.

  6. Click Save changes on the Properties tab.
  7. Supply data on other tabs to complete the template. The tabs that are available depend on the type of template you are creating or editing.
    Important: Click Save Changes when you finish editing each tab, and before you click another tab in the template. Otherwise, your changes are not saved.
    Table 1. Tabs available for each type of template
    Tab Name Plan/Custom Program Project Invoice Asset Offer
    Properties X X X X X X
    Attributes X X X
    Tabs X X X X X X
    Attachments X X X X
    Custom Links X X X X
    Customize Alerts X X X X X X
    Budget Approval Rules X X X
    Project Roles X
    Request X
    Workflow X
    Campaign X