Setting up alerts

Alerts are notifications of important changes that users need to know about, or reminders about actions that they need to take.

Examples of alerts include notifications that a project status changed, or that an approval response is due.

Unica Plan users receive their alert notifications in these ways:

  • In Unica Plan: the Alerts icon (Envelope icon) appears at the top of every page, and includes a counter that increments for each alert received. Users click this icon to view notification messages in the Alerts dialog.
    Tip: You configure how frequently the system updates the alert count. See Changing the refresh interval for the alerts count.
  • By email: users who are set up with a valid email address receive notifications as messages in their email applications.

To set up alerts, you define values for configuration properties. You configure how often the system checks for the event-triggered alerts that track past changes separately from the alarm-type alerts that remind users of upcoming events. See Event-triggered alerts and Reminders.

You also specify default alert subscriptions. For each Unica Plan object type, you select which team roles, by default, receive alerts and for what types of changes and reminders. See Set default alert subscriptions.

Tip: Users can override the default notification subscriptions for specific instances of the Unica Plan objects. For information about how users work with alerts, see the Unica Plan User's Guide.

Optionally, you can customize the text of the messages that are sent for alerts. Different messages can be defined for each of the Unica Plan object types that trigger alerts. See Alerts Settings page.