Integrating Unica Content Integration

Unica Content Integration facilitates easy integration with Content Management Systems and enables searching content from the them.

About this task

The fetched content can be used by the client of Unica Content Integration for various content-oriented business use cases. A Unica Content Integration client is any product from Unica Suite which integrates with it to consume the content from the target systems.

To integrate Unica Content Integration with Unica Plan, complete the following steps:


  1. Ensure that you have installed the Unica Content Integration component when installing Unica Platform. For more details, see the topic Unica Platform components in the Unica Platform Installation Guide.
  2. Assign permissions related to Unica Content Integration to the concerned user role in Unica Plan.
    • For information related to Unica Plan users, see Users and user groups.
    • For information related to Unica Content Integration permissions, see Unica Platform Administrator's Guide.
  3. On the Unica Platform home page, select Settings > Configuration.
    The Configuration page opens.
  4. In the Configuration categories panel, expand Plan and select umoConfiguration.
    The Settings for 'umoConfiguration' appears.
  5. Select Edit settings.
    The (umoConfiguration) - Edit settings page opens.
  6. For the enablePlanAssetPickerIntegration field, select True and click Save changes.
    You can now use Unica Content Integration to configure third-party CMS for use. To configure a third-party CMS, see Unica Content Integration Administrator's Guide.
    Note: When integrating a third-party CMS with Unica Content Integration for use with Unica Plan, in the Configuration categories panel, access the Content Integration node inside the Plan node.