Optional features

Unica Plan offers several options that extend the core, out-of-box features. Your organization can integrate Unica Plan with other HCL products, or enable add-on modules.

To extend Unica Plan features, your organization can add the following products and features.

  • Integrate Unica Campaign with Unica Plan.
  • Enable optional offer integration when Unica Plan and Unica Campaign are integrated.
  • Integrate IBM Digital Recommendations with Unica Plan.
  • Enable the Financial Management module, which supports accounting activities for your plans, programs, and projects.
  • Enable the Digital Asset Management module, which supports centralized storage and management of electronic files.
  • Enable the Integration Services module, which includes the application programming interface (API) for extending Unica Plan.

These options are licensed separately. As a result, they are not operational at every organization.