Users and user groups

You create and manage users and user groups with features installed with theUnica Platform

Before you work with other users, verify that the Region setting preference for your own Unica Plan user matches the default locale of your installation. The installation default locale is defined by the defaultLocale property under Settings > Configuration > Unica Plan. For details on creating users and user groups, setting user preferences, and assigning application access, see the Unica Platform Administrator's Guide.

After you create users, you assign them to a user group that has an appropriate level of access, such as PlanUserRole or PlanAdminRole. This process authorizes users to access Unica Plan.

After you create users and user groups, you must synchronize the Unica Plan user tables with the Unica Platform user tables. This step assigns the default Unica Plan security policy roles to the users.See Synchronizing users.

If you do not see the users that you expect, or if users receive an error when they log in, make sure that the user group has application access rights to Unica Plan. Next, make sure that you synchronized the user tables.