Setting up accounts

An account in Unica Plan represents a specific corporate General Ledger (GL) account that is established by a finance department to track and control expenditures and cash flows. Accounts are a feature of the optional Financial Management module.

Key capabilities for accounts include the following. You can:

  • Define a hierarchy of accounts and subaccounts.
  • Fund, or allocate money to, accounts for each month in the current fiscal year and for the next two years.
  • Track the estimated (forecast) and actual withdrawals from those accounts, by time period.

Unica Plan breaks down accounts into top-level accounts and subaccounts. You can create a hierarchy by adding subaccounts to top-level accounts and to other subaccounts: Subaccounts display under the top-level and parent accounts on the Settings > Unica Plan Settings > Account Definitions page.

Important: Subaccounts belong to their parent accounts for organizational purposes only: subaccount financial information does not roll up to parent accounts. Functionally, top-level and subaccounts are identical.