Unica Plan reports

Unica Plan provides a set of default reports and dashboard report components. The Unica Plan reports package provides extra reports and dashboard report components, which are created in IBM® Cognos®, a separate business intelligence application.

  • For Unica Plan users, there are two ways to access reports.
    • To report information for a single object instance, such as an individual project or marketing object, click the Analysis tab for that item.
    • To produce a Cognos® report that includes data for more than one object, select Analytics > Analytics.
      Note: Only users with the View Analysis permission can access analytics. For example, to grant access to users with the PlanUserRole level of access, ensure that Plan User is checked under the View Analysis access permission in security policy settings.

      The reports administrator can modify these reports, create new ones, add custom attributes, set up filters, and so on.

  • For Unica Plan administrators, reports that help you monitor different activities are available. For more information, see Reports for Unica Plan administrators.

For information about installing the Unica Plan reports package, see the Unica Reports Installation and Configuration Guide. For information about creating and managing dashboards, see the Unica Unica Platform Administrator's Guide.