Unica Plan markup options

Unica Plan provides markup tools for making comments on attachments. When Unica Plan users send approvals for review, approvers can place their comments directly in the electronic file, where they can be viewed by other users.

Unica Plan provides two types of markup tools.

  • Native Unica Plan markup: The native markup option provides various markup functions that can be applied to files in PDF, HTML, JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP format. Users can mark up whole websites if a URL is supplied. The comments can then be saved in Unica Plan. Native markup is the default option. It does not require Acrobat to be installed on client computers.
  • Adobe Acrobat markup: This markup tool requires the installation of Adobe Acrobat on each client computer. Users can apply all Acrobat commenting features, and then save the edited PDF document in Unica Plan.

The markup option is a global setting. You cannot enable different markup options for different groups of users.