Setting your timezone

You can set your timezone so you see Unica Plan dates and times in the locale time. You customize your timezone in the Unica Platform user settings.

About this task

Note: The default timezone is the server time.


  1. Click Settings > Users.
  2. Select your user name.
    Note: User names are listed in alphabetical order.
  3. Click Edit Preferences.
  4. Select Unica Platform.
  5. Select you timezone from the list.
  6. Save your changes.

What to do next

You can decide whether to display users timezone information at the top of workflow pages and column headings in the Calendar/Timeline settings. You might choose to display timezone information in the workflow if many users from different timezones work on the same projects. You might choose not to display this information if project users work in the same timezone. For more information, see the Calender chapter in the Unica Plan User's Guide.