Recurrence system task

Recurrence starts when predecessors are complete. It then recalculates previous dependent tasks that target the start date when these previous tasks are set.

The available recurrence types are Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and Hourly. Date and time calculations must apply to working hours and business days.

On the Recurrence tab, you are given the option to choose the Campaign Workflow Type (Nonrecurring or Recurring). After selecting the workflow type, you are able to choose Frequency and Time between occurrences.

There can be only one recurrence task in a sequence of dependant tasks. A control is made when saving the workflow.

Hourly recurrence

For Template Run Flowchart Task Recurrence, you have the Ending option where you can choose No End or Total number of occurrences. You also choose Permissions to modify the recurrence in the instance (All options, No option, and All options but frequency). Run Flowchart Task properties if the recurrence on task is chosen. You can also get a preview of the next occurrences.

Note: All options allow you to turn from Not recurring to Recurring.

For Instances Run Flowchart Tasks, under the Recurrence tab, you have a start date to choose along with the Ending (no end, total number of occurrences, and end by).