Flowchart Run system task

A Flowchart Run system task allows you to specify a flowchart that should run at a particular place in the workflow.

When you create a Flowchart Run system task, you specify one of the following:
  • For corporate marketers that are working with Corporate Campaigns, the name of the flowchart in the linked campaign (in Campaign) in the workflow.
  • For field marketers that are working with On-demand Campaigns and Lists, the name of the tab that is associated with the flowchart in the On-demand Campaign or List that you want to use to gather data.

When Distributed Marketing runs a Flowchart Run system task, flowchart run is started in Campaign.

Flowchart Run system tasks start and finish automatically when there is a matching flowchart in Campaign, when the target start date is reached and when all tasks it depends on are finished; you do not need to manually start or stop a Flowchart Run system task. The % Complete field completes automatically as the task proceeds.

Flowchart Run tasks with no assigned flowchart

The icon for the Flowchart Run system task displays red when no known flowchart is assigned to the task. After you assign a flowchart, the color of the icon changes to black.

Flowchart Run tasks and Corporate Campaigns

For Corporate Campaigns, for the Flowchart Run system task to run correctly, you must save and publish the flowchart of the linked campaign in Campaign.