Creating a flowchart run task

You create a flowchart run task through the workflow spreadsheet.


  1. In the workflow spreadsheet, in Edit view, select the row after which you want the Flowchart Run task to appear.
  2. Click the Add Task Row icon ().
  3. Select Flowchart Run.

    A new task row is added to the flowchart.

  4. In the Flowchart Name column, perform one of the following tasks:
    • For Corporate Campaigns, enter the name of the flowchart from your linked campaign.
    • For On Demand Campaigns and Lists, select the name of the tab that runs the Campaign flowchart.
  5. Complete the Schedule Through, Target Start, Target End, Duration, and Member Role fields as desired.

    You can also change the name of the task.

  6. Click Save and Finish.

What to do next

If the workflow is part of a Corporate Campaign, you must save and publish the associated flowchart in Campaign.