List Review system task

The List Review system task allows you to identify time within the workflow during which Field Marketers review contact lists that result from a flowchart run.

Unlike any other Workflow Task, this task can be finished by a link present on Summary Tab of On-demand Campaign. Without going to workflow tab, you can finish this task directly from Summary Tab.

Note: A List Review system task must depend on a Flowchart Run system task.

List Review system tasks start and finish automatically. You can manually finish a List Review system task when you are sure that all Field Marketers completed the review. After you manually finish the List Review task, the next dependent task (if any) in the workflow starts when its target start date is reached.

When the List Review is completed, manually or automatically, the List is locked to field marketers; field marketers can no longer change their portions of the List.

The two permissions, Update System Task status and Update all System Task, are applied to all Workflow System Tasks along with List Review Task. If these permissions are not granted, then a task cannot be completed from workflow along with List Review Task. List Review can be finished from the Summary tab of an On-demand Campaign by clicking Finish List Review, even if these security permissions are not granted in the Security Policy.

To specify the number of records to show, you can use the Limit List View option. In List Manager, only the number of records that are specified in the List Review Task are displayed.

If you use a third-party tool to create a list of IDs, you can import them by clicking Import IDs. From the Import IDs window, you can specify a .csv file that contains the customer IDs, the delimiter in the .csv file, and the audience level. The .csv file should include columns required to uniquely identify a customer based on an audience level. After you click Import, the List Manager data is updated with the new imported data to the newly added List. Data from the .csv that is a duplicate or is invalid is displayed.

The fields to limit additions are as follows:
  • On list review pop-up for templates of On-demand Campaign, Corporate Campaign, and Advanced Lists.
  • Corporate Campaign - it is displayed and editable for corporate marketers only. In the case of corporate campaigns, field marketers cannot access this pop-up that is based on security settings. Even if they are allowed access, they can view but cannot edit the settings.
  • On-demand Campaigns and advanced lists - these fields are displayed but cannot be edited

If the value of Limit List View option is set to limit the number of records that can be viewed, then the field is automatically set to select the second radio button option with value set to "0." You get an explicit message that no records can be added when the list view is limited. If Unicode characters are present in the List code either by adding an ID prefix or entering manually, then you are not able to export a customer list from List Manager window.

Note: User cannot set both number and percent. For example, to limit to 10% with a maximum of 100.

In the List Manager task, you can specify the available Display Formats. You can identify or filter by Audience Level. Only formats that are selected in the List Review Task are available.

List Review system tasks and recurring workflows

In recurring On-demand Campaigns or Corporate Campaigns, you can enable permanent updates so that any additions or removals that take place during List Review are applied automatically in all occurrences.

List Review system tasks and multi-offer campaigns

In multi-offer On-demand Campaigns or Corporate Campaigns, you can divide a list that is generated by a single Flowchart Run system task into several segments. The results of the Run Flowchart system task are presented as several Lists.