Creating a list

You should create a List that filters the corporate target customers that are based on attribute values that are appropriate for your On-demand Campaign.

About this task

Before you create an On-demand Campaign that includes or excludes the List, make sure that it has the following conditions:
  • You did not create the List.
  • You expect that this List has potential to be reused for multiple On-demand campaigns or by several field marketers.


  1. From the Home or List page, click Add a List.

    A tree view listing of templates is displayed.

  2. Select a template from the tree view.

    A list of the customer attributes associated with a selected template is displayed, along with other related information. This information might help you to decide which template to select if there are more than one listed.

  3. Click Continue.

    The Summary page of the List wizard is displayed. The content of List wizard differs depending on the template you select.

  4. Complete the Summary page as needed.

    Ensure that the Target Start date is not a previous date, and that it occurs before the Target End date. To view a calendar and select a day, you can click next to the date fields.

  5. Click Next>>.

    The next page in the List wizard opens.

  6. Continue filling out the List wizard as needed, clicking Next>> to more through the pages.
  7. Click Finish when you enter all required data.