Selection criteria

Selection criteria are the variables and values you use to filter the corporate database to select targets.

Selection criteria might include the variable Income Range, for example. You then define the ranges to match for inclusion in the target List. You can also specify that the contacts must have an income between $50,000 and $100,000. Contacts with an income outside of this range are then not selected.

Using multiple variables for selection criteria

Typically, you define selection criteria by selecting values for multiple variables.

If the Campaign flowchart that queries the corporate database uses the Distributed Marketing variables as intended, the variables are combined in the query by using a logical AND.

For example, if you set the following selection criteria:

Variables Value to Select
Gender Male only
Marital Status Married only

Then the contacts would include married males.

The contacts would not include:
  • Single or divorced males
  • Married females

Setting up available selection criteria

The Distributed Marketing administrator or corporate marketer sets up the available selection criteria that marketers can use to select contacts.