Dragging content from the Content Library

You can drag images, PDFs, videos, and HTML snippets from the Content Library into a zone in a document. You cannot drag personalization fields or form fields into a document.

About this task

Dragging content from the Content Library allows you to add content quickly to the document so that you can see how it appears in your SMS, WhatsApp, email or landing page.


  1. Locate the content in the Content Library.
  2. Drag the content icon from the folder in the Content Library and hover over the zone.

    The zone changes color to indicate when you can add the content element to the zone.

  3. Drop the content into the zone.

    The number of content elements indicated in the pushpin changes when you add the content.

    The new content appears as a thumbnail in the Personalized content window for the zone.

  4. Save your changes.

What to do next

You must publish the document to make the added content visible to email recipients or page visitors.