Adding content using widgets

The Message Editor provides several widgets that you can use to add and configure content elements to zones contained in an SMS, WhatsApp, email or landing page.

About this task

To add content with a widget, add a content widget to a zone and then configure the widget.

To add a widget to a zone you can either drag the widget from the toolbar or right-click in the zone or its Personalized content window and select the widget from the context menu.

To configure the widget, the Message Editor provides different interfaces for configuring different types of content.

Complete the following steps to add content using a widget.


  1. Add the content widget to the zone. Use either of the following methods.
    • From the toolbar, select the widget for the type of content that you want to add and drag it into the zone.
    • Right-click in a zone or in the Personalized content window for the zone and select Add content. From the menu, select the type of widget that you want to add.
  2. Configure the widget.

    When you add a widget to a zone, the appropriate content editor appears in the zone. For example, when you add a personalization field widget, the list of available personalization fields displays so that you can select a personalization field.


When you have finished, the content defined by the widget displays in the zone. If the zone contains multiple content elements, the new content appears as the last content element in the Personalized content window for the zone.

What to do next

You must save and publish the document to make the content available for use in email or landing pages.