Selecting content to add from the Content Library

The Message Editor provides a content selector so that you can select a content element in the Content Library and insert it into a zone.

About this task

Using this method to add content allows you to search for content and preview it before adding it to a zone in an email or landing page document.


  1. Right-click in a zone or in the Personalized content window for the zone.

    A menu displays with an option to add content.

  2. Select Add content > Asset from content library.

    A content selector window displays the current folder hierarchy of the Content Library.

  3. In the content selector window, move to the content element that you want to add and select it.

    Information about the selected content element displays, including a content thumbnail if you enabled content preview.

  4. Click Insert.

    The content element that you selected displays in the zone. If the zone contains multiple content elements, the new content appears as the last content element in the Personalized content window for the zone.

What to do next

You must save and publish the document to make the content available for use in email or landing pages.