Usage Management for Unica Products

Unica provides term and perpetual licenses categorized under UPP (Unica Power Pack) and a la carte parts. The license comes with one year validity.

Customers will be charged based on the number of units - UPP, they subscribed for.
Unica Products UPP Entitlements
Unica Marketing Platform 4 User Users are entitled to have 4 Users
Unica Campaign 250k Audience records Users are entitled to use 250K distinct audience records
Unica Interact 12 million Omnichannel interactions Users are entitled to have 12 million Session
Unica Deliver 12 million Deliver (E-messages) Users are entitled to send 12 million E-messages
Unica Journey 12 million Journeys Audiences Users are entitled to have 12 million Journey Audience