Unica Platform license

Unica Marketing Platform entitlement is calculated as:

  • Each new active user created is counted as 1 usage
  • Each user updated from Disabled to Active is counted as 1 usage
  • Each deleted user decremented usage count by 1
  • All sync users from LDAP will be counted in usage
  • All SAML users (Manual/On the fly user creation) will be counted in usage
  • After the application is manually deployed it is recommened not to make any amendments.
  • Master and Slave Platform – this is used for Interact with multiple server groups. Please refer to Interact licensing details in subsequent sections for details.

One Licensing device can be used with only one Unica application, this is identified with Unica application URL, so Unica license should be applied after SiteMinder or ISAM configuration. If the Unica is already registered with a device before url change, it will display an error saying, "One or more hosts are connected to the license server. Application does not support multiple hosts connecting to the same license device. Please update the license details in the application to continue using the application."

In case, you require to perform fast upgrade or configure Unica application with SiteMinder/ISAM or change the application URL, then complete the following steps:
  1. Once you complete the upgrade (in-place or fast upgrade) or clean installation of version 12.1, apply NON-PRODUCTION mode on Unica environment.
  2. If you want to change the application URL, then either configure ISAM / Siteminder login methods or perform any change in Unica application URL.

Once this is done you can continue to use your application enabled with Licenses. If moving ahead for any reason you need to change your application url, you will need to generate a new device and use it with Unica application.

  1. Only active users are charged.
  2. Switching of devices is strictly not allowed.
  3. Single device does not support multiple Unica environments, as this can result in generating report with incorrect consumption count.