Unica Deliver License

Unica Deliver entitlement is calculated as:

  • Emails sent using Deliver are tracked on a monthly/yearly basis.
  • 1 email send using Deliver is counted as 1 entitlement.
  • Users are entitled to 1 million Unica Deliver Email Message per month, that can be carried forward from one month to another within a year.
  • Users are entitled to 12 M Unica Deliver Email Message every year.
  • Five types of mails are counted are Production mails, Test mail, Schedule mails, Bounce mails and TMS.
Note: From version onwards Deliver license is bifurcated into two types Reseller and Referral

Based on Partner models deliver licenses are of two types Referral and Reseller.

Partner Models (Referral vs Reseller)

  1. Referral Agreement (AKA Channel Partner)
    • Customer signs directly with partner
    • Price change notification communicated is exposed to directly with customer
    • Preferred for deals were customer is exposed to price fluctuations to benefit from lowest possible prices.
    • Minimum admin overhead in managing HCL price change in usage/billing systems.
    • Minimises renewal conversations for intra-annum deals.
  2. Reseller Agreement
    • Customer signs with HCL, Partner invoices HCL and HCL bill customer.
    • Price changer notifications updated at term renewal time (annually).
    • Preferred for deals were the customer prefers a single contract.
    • Minor admin overhead for HCL in managing renewals.
    • Part and price lists require periodic updates and maintenance.
    • Allows HCL to offer price stability for an increase in price and a one stop shop contract for email / SMS.
    • WhatsApp cannot be resold – WhatsApp customers can only be referred.
Product Type
Deliver_Email_Messages HCL Owned
Deliver_SMS_Karix Referral
Deliver_SMS_Twilio Reseller
Deliver_SMS_RML_Channel Referral
Deliver_SMS_RML_Reseller Reseller
Deliver_Whatsapp_RML Referral
Deliver_Litmus Reseller
Deliver_Mailmonitor Reseller

License for Litmus and Mailmonitor cannot be configured on the non-production environments. For Litmus each client preview will consume 52 licenses. Also, overdraft facility is not available for any of the resellers, litmus and mailmonitor. For resellers, Litmus and MailMonitor once the allocated entitlements are consumed user cannot use that feature.