Unica Campaign License

Unica Campaign entitlement consumption is calculated as:

  • Each distinct audience record is counted as 1 entitlement.
  • Unica Campaign license usage is measured only for base tables mapped in the flowcharts.
  • Unica Campaign license usage measures the base table record count for the flowcharts, which are executed in the licensing period.
  • Flowcharts for mapped tables/files are scanned to get the count of distinct audiences.
  • In case there are multiple base tables mapped for an audience level, then the maximum count of records with respect to a distinct audience is considered.
  • Base table could be mapped to database table or physical files.
  • For different audiences, the highest record for each audience will be considered.
  • Consumption count is the summation of audience records per audience level.
  • The same process is repeated for each Campaign partition. Campaign sends summation of records of each partition to Platform.

Campaign consumption is calculated with below formula:

Summation of records per partition (Summation of records per Audience level (Max of distinct records from all the base table from each executed flowchart).