Unica Journey License

Unica Journey entitlement is calculated as:

  • Each Journey audience (Customer or other marketable entity records) is counted as 1 entitlement.
  • Journey discarded audiences records are not counted in entitlement.
  • Journey sends the consumption count to the Marketing Platform. Marketing Platform regularly sends the consumption details to the License Server.
  • Users are entitled to 1 million Journey audiences or record per month, that can be carried forward from one month to another within a year.
  • User are entitled to 12 M Journey audiences every year.

Journeys licensing mechanism starts counting audience consumption for each day starting from mid night. While applying the licenses on non-production environment of Journey, there should not be any consumption / audiences being pushed to Journey before you apply the license. If there are any consumption on the same day before applying the license it would get added in the utilization of Journey consumption.