Term Based Licenses

Term based licenses will be allocated to all new product licenses when you will install/upgrade Unica 12.1 products. Term duration can be anything. Unica support term based licenses with multiple options. Term based licenses come with effective and expiry dates. These term based license could also have restrictions on consumption. Please find below details on these options which are supported with Unica.

  1. Term based license with a grace period
  2. Term based license with an overdraft. This overdraft can be restricted or unrestricted.

For Term with the “Overdraft” licensing model. Users will have the overdraft entitlements configured in the HCL License Portal on the purchase of HCL Unica products. Using the Overdraft capability user will be able to exceed the entitlement level on demand and will be billed on a yearly basis for the Overdraft Usage. If you do not have the “Overdraft” licensing model and usage exceeds allotted quota your application access will be restricted. Application access will also be restricted if the user consumed the allotted quota from the “Overdraft” limited model.

Grace period can also be provided along with Term based license model. This will give grace time to use to complete the purchase process for the next term. With Unica product, you will be getting 90 days grace period with Term based license.