Unica Link license details on consumption

Unica Link uses the license details configured in the Marketing Platform. Below entitlements are available for Unice Link (framework and connectors)

  • Link Framework
  • HCL_LINK_Mailchimp
  • HCL_LINK_Mandrill
  • HCL_LINK_Twilio
  • HCL_LINK_Salesforce

You can add the required license entitlements as per requirement. In Campaign or Journey user can use the connections without any license validations. If you do not have a valid entitlement for Unica Link then you would not be able to run Campaign flowchart or Journeys which are using these connectors.

Every regular interval - Unica Platform updates the connection usage in the licensing portal. If you are not using any connector license consumption count is 0 (zero) and once you start using the connection in Unica Campaign or Journey it changes from 0 (zero) to a positive number.

Unica Link licenses are counted either as used or unused. 0 (zero) indicates it is unused and any positive number indicates it is being used. Unica Link consumption is not metered based on the number of connections.

While applying the entitlements also Unica Link does not consider the number of entitlements so the initial count is displayed as 0 (zero) only.