Campaign, cell, and offer attributes

Only attribute types that exist in both Unica Plan and Unica Campaign are available for campaign and cell attributes.

For systems that also integrate offers, the same constraint applies to offer attributes with the following exception: when published to Unica Campaign, the attribute type for the Creative URL offer attribute changes to Text Field - String.

Table 1. Attribute types for campaign, cell, and offer attributes in Unica Plan
Attribute type Campaign attributes Cell attributes Offer attributes
Text - Single-Line X X X
Text - Multi-Line X X X
Single-Select X X
Single-Select - Database X X
Multiple-Select - Database
Yes or No X X
Date Select X X X
Integer X X
Decimal X X X
Money X X X
External Data source
Calculated X X X
URL Field
Single Select Object Reference
Multi-Select Object Reference
Creative URL X
Rich text type
Note: For attributes that have the Single-Select - Database attribute type, Unica Plan passes the lookup value (not the display value) of the selection to Unica Campaign. You determine the lookup value and the display value when you create the lookup table.

There is no attribute type in Unica Plan that corresponds to the "Modifiable drop-down list" that is available for custom attributes in stand-alone Unica Campaign.