How to use the unicode connector with HEI, DECS and LC LSX

The unicode connector version of HCL Domino® Connector for SAP® Solutions uses the unicode SAP .DLL (for example, librfc32u.dll on Windows) to communicate with the SAP ECC server. This connector uses the default operating system's UTF-16 code page for communication with the ECC server. For example, on Windows 32 bit and Windows 64 bit platforms, the unicode connector uses code page UTF-16LE (4103) for communication with the ECC server.

How to use unicode connector with HEI and DECS

  • A new field "UTF-16 support" has been added to the SAP connection form.

    To use the unicode connector, the user must enable the option. Once enabled, connection form and corresponding HEI and DECS activities will use SAP unicode connector for their operations. If you select the option in a existing connection, you must refresh the RFC/BAPI interface information by clicking the down arrow button near the "Table(s)" label on the connection form.

    By default this option is disabled, thus connection HEI and DECS activities will use non unicode connector.

    The option “SAP Text Format” is not available on the SAP connection form for unicode connector.

How to use unicode connector with LC LSX scripts

The library name for unicode connector is "sapu".

When creating the LCConnection object, use the "sapu" library name if using the unicode connector, as shown below):

Dim conn As New LCConnection("sapu")

The unicode connector communicates using default OS UTF16 codepage, thus the connection property "SAPReadCodePage" should not be used with the unicode connector.

Apart from above mentioned points, no changes are required for the existing LC LSX scripts that use the non-unicode version of the SAP connector.