Considerations for SAP transactions on SAP ECC 6 server using LC LSX

Earlier versions of HCL Domino® Connector for SAP® Solutions used an "RFC_CALL_TRANSACTION" call for working with SAP transactions. With the SAP ECC 6 server, this RFC does not exist; it has been replaced by the RFC "ABAP4_CALL_TRANSACTION" call. In addition to the name change, the interface of this RFC is also different than that of "RFC_CALL_TRANSACTION" call. Starting with version 2.0, Domino Connector for SAP Solutions supports RFC for working with SAP transactions on the SAP ECC server.

Following are significant changes in RFC (ABAP4_CALL_TRANSACTION) as compared to the older one (RFC_CALL_TRANSACTION):
  • EXPORT parameter MESSG, which was used to return the result of SAP Transaction execution is no longer present in the new RFC. It has been replaced by parameter "SUBRC" which is of type INT. The user will no longer be able to use the "Message" property of an SAP connection object while working with SAP Transaction on SAP ECC 6.
  • While working with SAP Transactions on SAP ECC 6, users must use the data returned in table "MESS_TAB" and EXPORT parameter "SUBRC" to get information about execution status.
Below is sample LC LSX code to work with SAP Transaction on SAP ECC 6 server. This sample code uses SAP Transaction "XD02" to update a customer's street address information.
Sub Initialize
	On Error Goto errorhandler	
	Dim session As New Lcsession	
	Dim target As New Lcconnection("sap")
	Dim inputfieldlist As New Lcfieldlist
	Dim outputfieldlist As New Lcfieldlist
	target.Userid = "muster"
	target.Password = "FOOBAR"
	target.Client = "800"
	target.SystemNo = 0	
	target.Language = "EN"
	target.Server= "acme"
	target.Destination = "N4S"
	target.Procedure = "XD02"
	target.ModuleType = 1
	target.ScreenFields = "$SAPMF02D=0101," +_
	"BDC_OKCODE=/00," +_
	"RF02D-KUNNR," +_
	"RF02D-D0110=X," +_
	"$SAPMF02D=0110," +_
	Dim field As LCfield
	Set field = inputfieldlist.Append("RF02D-KUNNR",LCTYPE_TEXT)
	field.text = "0000000002"
	Set field = inputfieldlist.Append("KNA1-STRAS",LCTYPE_TEXT)
	field.text = "Astorstrasse 34"
	Call target.Call(inputfieldlist,1,outputfieldlist)
'    Property Message is not available with ABAP4_CALL_TRANSACTION   	
'	Msgbox target.Message
	Dim tcode As LCField
	Dim dyname As LCField
	Dim dynumb As LCField
	Dim msgtyp As LCField
	Dim msgspra As LCField
	Dim msgid As LCField
	Dim msgnr As LCField
	Dim msgv1 As LCField
	Dim msgv2 As LCField
	Dim msgv3 As LCField
	Dim msgv4 As LCField
	Dim env As LCField
	Dim fldname As LCField
	Dim subrc As LCField

'Use table MESS_TAB to read execution status info	
	Set tcode = outputfieldlist.Lookup("MESS_TABTCODE")
	Set dyname = outputfieldlist.Lookup("MESS_TABDYNAME")
	Set dynumb = outputfieldlist.Lookup("MESS_TABDYNUMB")
	Set msgtyp = outputfieldlist.Lookup("MESS_TABMSGTYP")
	Set msgspra = outputfieldlist.Lookup("MESS_TABMSGSPRA")
	Set msgid = outputfieldlist.Lookup("MESS_TABMSGID")
	Set msgnr = outputfieldlist.Lookup("MESS_TABMSGNR")
	Set msgv1 = outputfieldlist.Lookup("MESS_TABMSGV1")
	Set msgv2 = outputfieldlist.Lookup("MESS_TABMSGV2")
	Set msgv3 = outputfieldlist.Lookup("MESS_TABMSGV3")
	Set msgv4 = outputfieldlist.Lookup("MESS_TABMSGV4")
	Set env = outputfieldlist.Lookup("MESS_TABENV")
	Set fldname = outputfieldlist.Lookup("MESS_TABFLDNAME")

'Use EXPORTS parameter SUBRC
	Set subrc = outputfieldlist.Lookup("EXPORTSSUBRC")
	If (target.Fetch (outputfieldlist)) Then
		Print "TCODE = " + tcode.Text(0)
		Print "DYNAME = " + dyname.Text(0)
		Print "DYNUMB = " + dynumb.Text(0)
		Print "MSGTYP = " + msgtyp.Text(0)
		Print "MSGSPRA = " + msgspra.Text(0)
		Print "MSGID = " + msgid.Text(0)
		Print "MSGNR = " + msgnr.Text(0)
		Print "MSGV1 = " + msgv1.Text(0)
		Print "MSGV2 = " + msgv2.Text(0)
		Print "MSGV3 = " + msgv3.Text(0)
		Print "MSGV4 = " + msgv4.Text(0)
		Print "ENV = " + env.Text(0)
		Print "FLDNAME = "+ fldname.Text(0)
		Print "SUBRC = " + subrc.Text(0)
	End If
	Exit Sub
	Dim Msg As String
	Dim Msgcode As Long
	Dim status As Integer
	Dim result As String
	If session.status <> LCSUCCESS Then
		status = session.GetStatus(result, Msgcode, Msg)
	End If
	Msgbox result
End Sub