Mapping multiple fields of the same name

Support for mapping multiple fields of the same name is a relatively new capability. Prior to this capability, duplicate fields had been listed side-by-side in field mapping. Duplicate field name support requires the following steps to implement. Conceptual and procedural information is contained below.

Traditional field mapping

If you have multiple fields with the same name (for example, fields FIELD 1 and FIELD2), the duplicate field names will be stripped out when mapped to corresponding fields. An example is shown below:

Duplicate field mapping

To preserve the field mapping when you have multiple fields of the same name, you must prefix a number value to the fields to which they correspond in the Connection property (ScreenField) of the SAP connection document. An example of how the traditional field mapping shown above, should be modified is shown below:

You need only prefix a field value with an ordering number if you do not immediately hard code a value to the field.

Field mapping in the SAP connection document would be established, for this field, to provide it with values when the activity runs. The Connector can then properly handle these field mappings and transfer the data properly.

This change also applies to HEI Scripted activities. An LC LSX script showing proper usage of this new functionality is shown below:
Note: In this example, notice that because of the number prefixes, you know exactly which field is being set. in thsi sample Call method script.
Dim sess As New LCSession
	Dim r3 As New LCConnection("sap")
	Dim fldLstParms As LCFieldList
	Dim fldLstResult As LCFieldList
	Dim fldParm As LCField
	Dim field As LCField
	Dim index As Long
	Dim count As Long
	On Error Goto ErrorHandler
	Print "----------------------------------------"
	Print "SaveParkInvoiceGUI31_40_2"
	Print "----------------------------------------"
	sess.connectionpooling = False
	r3.Userid = "muster"
	r3.Password = "ides"
	r3.Destination = "JP1"
	r3.Client = "800"
	r3.SystemNo = 0
	r3.Language = "en"
	r3.Server = ""
	Print "Connect"
	r3.ModuleType = 1		' calling an ECC transaction
	Set fldLstParms = New LCFieldList(1, 0)
	Set fldLstResult = New LCFieldList(1, 0)
	r3.Procedure = "F-63"
	'screen fields should have hard coded all values that are 
	' not dynamic - like BDC_OKCODE and in this case BDC_SUBSCR
	r3.ScreenFields = "$SAPLF040=0100," +_
	"1RF05V-NEWBS," +_
	"2RF05V-NEWKO," +_
	"BDC_OKCODE=/00," +_
	"$SAPLF040=0302," +_
	"1BSEG-WRBTR," +_
	"2RF05V-NEWBS,"  +_
	"2RF05V-NEWKO,"  +_
	"BDC_OKCODE=/00," +_
	"$SAPLF040=0300," +_
	"2BSEG-WRBTR," +_
	"$SAPLKACB=0002," +_
	"$SAPLKACB=0002," +_
	Set fldParm = fldLstParms.Append("BKPF-BLDAT", LCTYPE_TEXT)
	fldParm.Text = "24.08.2003"
	Set fldParm = fldLstParms.Append("BKPF-BLART", LCTYPE_TEXT)
	fldParm.Text = "KR"
	Set fldParm = fldLstParms.Append("BKPF-BUKRS", LCTYPE_TEXT)
	fldParm.Text = "5000"
	Set fldParm = fldLstParms.Append("BKPF-WAERS", LCTYPE_TEXT)
	fldParm.Text = "JPY"
	Set fldParm = fldLstParms.Append("1RF05V-NEWBS", LCTYPE_TEXT)
	fldParm.Text = "31"
	Set fldParm = fldLstParms.Append("1RF05V-NEWKO", LCTYPE_TEXT)
	fldParm.Text = "5003"
	Set fldParm = fldLstParms.Append("1BSEG-WRBTR", LCTYPE_TEXT)
	fldParm.Text = "12340000"
	Set fldParm = fldLstParms.Append("BSEG-MWSKZ", LCTYPE_TEXT)
	fldParm.Text = "V1"
	Set fldParm = fldLstParms.Append("BSEG-ZLSCH", LCTYPE_TEXT)
	fldParm.Text = "T"
	Set fldParm = fldLstParms.Append("2RF05V-NEWBS", LCTYPE_TEXT)
	fldParm.Text = "40"
	Set fldParm = fldLstParms.Append("2RF05V-NEWKO", LCTYPE_TEXT)
	fldParm.Text = "111110"
	Set fldParm = fldLstParms.Append("1BSEG-WRBTR", LCTYPE_TEXT)
	fldParm.Text = "45670000"
	Print "Calling...."
	count = r3.Call(fldLstParms, 1, fldLstResult)
	Print "Done! (count=" & count & ")"
	Print r3.Message
	Print "Disconnect"
	Print "Done"
	Exit Sub
	Dim msg As String
	Dim msgCode As Long
	Dim status As Integer
	Dim result As String
	If sess.status <> LCSUCCESS Then
		status = sess.GetStatus(result, msgcode, msg)
		Print "Result: " + result
	End If
	Print "Error: " & sess.GetStatusText
	Exit Sub