Supported HEI and DECS activities

The HCL Domino® Connector for SAP Solutions supports HEI Direct Transfer, one-way Replication (SAP as Source only), Archive (SAP as Target only), Scripted, Java, and Virtual Fields activities. The DECS Virtual Fields activity is also supported.

The following is the detailed list of supported activities:
Activity type Source and target support with caveat descriptions

As Target only; RFC/BAPI only; transactions not allowed

Archiving is not supported with the SAP connection as the Source.

Command Not supported.
Direct transfer Source and Target.
JAVA Source and Target.
Polling Not supported.
Virtual fields

Source and Target, one event per activity

The Virtual Attachment feature is not supported.

Virtual documents Not supported.
Virtual agents Not supported.

Limited support

This activity is only supported as One-way Replication with the SAP connection as the Source.

Scripted Source and Target.