Considerations when creating and using SAP connections

  • In many situations you will be required to create a separate SAP® connection document for each HEI or DECS activity in which the HCL Domino Connector for SAP® Solutions is to be used.
  • The Collapse/Expand MetaConnector form is not supported.
  • All entries in the Function Module field in the HEI and DECS connection documents and in the Field Mapping sections of the activity documents must be specified in uppercase letters.
  • In HEI Direct Transfer and Replication activities, in the "Select Statement or Condition Clause" field, the ECC IMPORT parameters, Structures and Table names must be specified in uppercase letters.
  • Before you create an HEI activity that uses an SAP connection, you must decide whether the connection will be used as a Source or a Target.
  • When ECC is a target for your data, the Direct Transfer option "Try Update Before Insert" is not supported. The reason is that a new creation action and an update action are not the same RFC, Transaction, or BAPI in ECC. For example, to create a new customer you call transaction XD01. But to update the transaction you call transaction XD02.

    A Direct Transfer activity document does not allow you to define two separate transactions such as these. Instead, create two separate activities, one for new creations and one for updates.

  • All RFC, BAPI and Transaction names must be upper case. All connection and activity document field names must be upper case.

    The Direct Transfer select statements that decide which data to send to the transactions need to contain logic to decide which is a candidate for insert and which is a candidate for update. It is usually easier to have the update activity contain additional logic. For example, when your Notes document is edited and then saved, you could have a new field available in the document called IsModified with a value of "1". Then your select statement could be Select Form="MyForm" & IsModified="1". Now only the correct documents will be passed to the update activity.