When screen fields reside in more than one screen

It is possible that one screen field will be in more than one screen for a given transaction. For example, screen 0300 may be called twice or the field FOO exists in both screen 0300 and 0302. In this case, order plays a key role in allowing you to set values to the each of the fields correctly.

The Domino Connector for SAP Solutions will keep the order of the fields as found in ScreenFields (a LCLSX connection property). Let's say that field FOO is found in screen 0100 and 0101. The entries required for ScreenFields would be the following:

In your field mapping, the first time that FOO is mapped it will go to the FOO found in 0100 and the second time it will go to 0101.

In LotusScript, that would look like this:
r3.screenfields = "$SAPLALA=0100,FOO,BDC_OKCODE=/00,$SAPLALA=0101,FOO,BDC_OKCODE=UPDA"

'And then to fill out the FOO fields:

'First FOO in 0100
Set fldParm = fldLstParms.Append("FOO", LCTYPE_TEXT)
fldParm.Text = "45670000"
'And now FOO in 0101
Set fldParm = fldLstParms.Append("FOO, LCTYPE_TEXT)
fldParm.Text = "87900000"