Supported characteristics with list of terms

This section describes LotusScript functionality available for the HCL Domino Connector for SAP® Solutions.

The following table shows the supported and unsupported characteristics. See the list of terms following this table for a definition of each characteristic.
Properties Description
Connection properties Destination, Client, System Number, Language, EnableSAPGUI, NewPassword, Cookie, RfcUser, ChangePassword
Writeback support

Only simulated.

The RFC or BAPI determines the effects of a writeback operation.

Writeback index None.
Statement syntax

RFC import parameters separated by commas

For LCXSelect parameters and structures that have an IMPORTS prefix. Table fields are referenced by the table name that precedes the field name. Export parameters and structures can be referenced with an EXPORTS prefix.

Condition syntax

Valid when placed as follows:


Array transfer

Full with following caveats:

Not for transactions because they use LCXCall which the LC API does not allow to support array transfers)

Not for output parameter support

Actions supported Reset, Clear
Catalog types Server, Database, Metadata, Field
Create types None.
Drop types None.

List of terms

The following table defines the terms used in this section:
Term Definition
Writeback support

Indicates whether the connection supports writeback result sets.

The term writeback is defined in RDBMS systems as an "updateable cursor", which means that, using the result set, the most recently fetched record can be directly updated or deleted. By way of contrast, a non-writeback update must first search the table using keys, however a writeback update can immediately locate the record to update. Writeback support saves time and is therefore more efficient.

Writeback index The database index, if any, required to enable writeback support for a given metadata object. For example, some connectors require that a unique index exist, while others do not.
Statement syntax The statement type and format that this connector accepts.
Condition syntax The type and format of the condition statements that this connector accepts.
Array transfer The capability of this Connector to transfer many records at once. The benefit of transferring many records at once is that only one network transaction is needed, rather than many, for a given set of records - the data has the same number of bytes, but the transfer takes less time. Array transfers can be used for read or write operations, depending on the RDBMS and the connector.
Actions supported Actions that this connector is capable of supporting.
Catalog types Catalog types that this connector supports for browsing-type operations.
Create types Object types that this connector can create in the external system.
Drop types Object types that this connector can drop from the external system.