Gathering performance data with the PMI tool

Starting with version 8.5.2, IBM® Sametime® Gateway exposes new application metrics through the standard IBM WebSphere® PMI (Performance Monitoring Infrastructure). The metrics provided by the PMI tool replace the four metrics provided by Sametime Gateway versions 8.0.x - 8.5.1.x.

About this task

The WebSphere PMI tool provides performance metrics on WebSphere Application Servers and the applications they host. IBM monitoring solutions can sample these application PMI metrics. All of the metrics are measured for each application server instance. If you have a cluster of servers, you might want to perform custom offline aggregation processes in order to view cluster scope metrics.

The PMI provides three levels of metrics collection:

  1. Server Health

    This lightweight metrics set is guaranteed not to cause any server performance degradation. When you enable metrics collection, this level is used by default.

  2. Problem Determination

    This extended set of application metrics can be enabled to assist in a problem determination scenario. This level should only be turned on if instructed by IBM Support. All metrics that are part of the Server Health set are also included of the Problem Determination set.

  3. Off

For Sametime Gateway, the PMI tracks information including the number of subscriptions and instant messaging requests, requests for each community, and the response time of subscriptions. You can view these statistics to help tune or troubleshoot Sametime Gateway problems.

Note: The PMI metrics are available for the Sametime Gateway application servers only, and are not available for the SIP proxy server or the XMPP proxy server used with Sametime Gateway.