Troubleshooting starting a cluster

Complete these steps to troubleshoot starting a cluster of Sametime® Gateway servers.

About this task

For additional information about default paths, see Directory conventions.


  1. View the log file profile_root\logs\SystemOut.log for errors such as these:
    [8/22/06 14:22:50:359 EDT] 0000003d SibMessage I
    CWSIS1538I: The messaging engine, ME_UUID=35D47B7F8071E6CC, 
    INC_UUID=7F6C7F6C371ED5F7, is attempting to obtain an exclusive lock on the data
    store. [8/22/06 14:22:50:406 EDT] 0000003e SibMessage I
    CWSIS1545I: A single previous owner was found in the messaging engine's data store, 
    ME_UUID=D0E28FE74BF48C2E, INC_UUID=62266226371260A2
    [8/22/06 14:22:50:406 EDT] 0000003e SibMessage I
    CWSIS1535E: The messaging engine's unique id does not match that found in the data 
    store. ME_UUID=35D47B7F8071E6CC, ME_UUID(DB)=D0E28FE74BF48C2E
    [8/22/06 14:22:50:421 EDT] 0000003d SibMessage I
    CWSIS1546I: The messaging engine, ME_UUID=35D47B7F8071E6CC, 
    INC_UUID=7F6C7F6C371ED5F7, has lost an existing lock or failed to 
    gain an initial lock on the data store.
    [8/22/06 14:22:50:421 EDT] 0000003d ConnectionEve A   J2CA0056I: 
    The Connection Manager received a fatal connection error from the Resource Adapter 
    for resource jdbc/  
    The exception which was received is (none)
  2. Use the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console to stop the Sametime Gateway servers, but do not stop the node agents.
  3. Open a command window and navigate to: profile_root/translog
  4. Delete all the files in this directory.
  5. Open the DB2® command line processor. Start the DB2 Control Center.
  6. Enter the following command to delete all rows from the IBMWSSIB.SIBOWNER table.


  7. Commit the changes to the database.
  8. Click Servers > Clusters.
  9. Select the Sametime Gateway servers and click Start to start the cluster.
  10. To ensure that the CommonEventInfrastructure_Bus has started properly, click Service Integration > Buses.
  11. Click CommonEventInfrastructure_Bus.
  12. Click Messaging engines.
  13. Look for a status green arrow following the @ClusterName@.000-CommonEventInfrastructure_Bus which indicates that the bus started correctly. If it is not started, check the SystemOut.log for details.