Troubleshooting Sametime Gateway using Self-Service configuration tests

The IBM® Sametime® Gateway Self-Service tool allows you to check configuration and connectivity health for a group of Sametime Gateway servers.

About this task

Follow these steps to run configuration tests on each Gateway server and see the cumulative results.


  1. In the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console, expand the Sametime Gateway group.
  2. Click Self Service Tests.
  3. Select one of the following tests and click Run Selected. Or click Run All to run all the tests.
    Community Status Log Test result shows all the changes in communities' status since the last restart of Gateway.
    Community Active Sessions Test result shows the active sessions for all the communities. The sessions are for instant messaging, inbound and outbound awareness
    Connectivity to internal community
    1. Tests connectivity to the internal community "main" access point.
    2. Retrieves the Community Server deployment configuration from the "main" access point.
    3. Verifies connectivity to every Community Server from this list.
    Connectivity to external community (SIP and Lync/OCS) Connects to the defined external community host and port and verifies basic connectivity.
    Connectivity to external community (AOL) Verifies basic connectivity to the predefined AOL server ( over port 5061.
    Connectivity to external community (XMPP)
    • Verifies the XMPP DNS SRV record for every internal domain (_xmpp-server._tcp.domain).
    • Verifies the XMPP DNS SRV record for every external domain (_xmpp-server._tcp.domain).
    • Verifies the connection to every external host (defined in the DNS record) over port 5269.
    WebSphere required fix level verification Verifies that all the required WebSphere Application Server fixes are installed on the computer. The list of the fixes is embedded in the Gateway package with every Gateway release.
    XMPP Proxy configuration This test is available only when the Gateway deployment is clustered. Tests the definition of several required Custom Properties. Also tests the definition of a required Port on the XMPP Proxy server.
  4. The test execution results appear when the tests are complete. Click any test name to see more details about the test.