Removing unwanted status messages from the Sametime Clients

To remove all custom status messages, reset the status messages to product defaults. To remove select status messages, edit the community-config.xml file.


Remove all custom status messages or just selected status messages by completing one of the following procedures:
  1. To remove all custom status messages, reset the status messages to the product defaults.
    1. From the Sametime® Connect Client or the Sametime Embedded Client, click File > Preferences > Sametime > Status Messages > Restore Defaults.
  2. To remove select unwanted status messages, complete the following steps:
    1. Locate the community-config.xml file. For Sametime 9.0 and more recent, the community-config.xml file is stored in the following locations:
      • Windows™:
        • Sametime Connect Client: AppData\Roaming\IBM\Sametime\.metadata\.plugins\\community-config.xml
        • Sametime Embedded Client: Lotus\notes\Data\workspace\.metadata\.plugins\\community-config.xml
      • Mac OS X
        • Sametime Connect Client: $HOME/Library/Application Support/IBM Sametime Data/.metadata/.plugins/

          Where $HOME is the user's Home directory.

          Note: Library is a hidden file. To access the Library file, use Cmd-Shift in an Open File dialog in TextEdit or other plain text editor. You can also use Cmd-Shift-G to type in a specific folder.
        • Sametime Embedded Client: /Users/Support/Library/Application Support/IBM Notes Data/Expeditor/Applications/.metadata/.plugins/
    2. For the Sametime Connect Client or the Sametime Embedded Client, open the file in a text editor and remove the unwanted status messages. The syntax in the community-config.xml displays as:
      <activeText>I am available</activeText>
      <activeText>Delete this status</activeText>
      <awayText>Gone to lunch</awayText>
      <inMtgText>I am in a meeting</inMtgText>
      <dndText>Please do not disturb me</dndText>

      The text in brackets defines the purpose of the text message. For example, <awayText> is used when the user is away from their desk.

    3. Remove unwanted status messages by competing these steps:
      1. Highlight the entire line in the file, for example, highlight <activeText>Delete this status</activeText>
      2. Delete the line. Repeat this for all instances of the Delete this Status text in the file.
      3. Save the file and exit the text editor.
      4. Exit the Sametime client.
      5. The next time you start Sametime client the unwanted status message is not removed.