Resolving the "You have been disconnected because you logged on from another computer" error

Enable a parameter that allows users to remained logged in to IBM® Sametime® on multiple devices.

About this task

When you log in to Sametime from multiple devices (for example, from a PC and a smartphone), you might see the following message on the first device: You have been disconnected from Sametime because you logged on from another computer.

When the sametime.ini file parameter VPS_BYPASS_SINGLE_MACHINE_LOGIN is enabled, a user can log in to a Sametime Community Server from multiple devices. When a user is logged in from more than one IP address, instant messages are sent to the IP address where the last message was received.


  1. To enable multiple log-ins for users, add the following parameter to the Debug section of the sametime.ini file:
  2. Restart the Sametime Community Server to allow this change to take effect.