Managing Sametime Premium features

The limited chat capabilities of HCL Sametime and HCL Sametime Premium that are available to entitled Domino users prohibit the use of the following components:

About this task

  • Access to File Transfer
  • Screen Capture
  • Multiple Communities
  • External users
  • No embedded Audio/Video features
  • External conferencing integration

To ensure compliance these features must also be disabled via policy settings.

HCL may revise the list of prohibited components set forth above and/or make improvements or changes to the Instructions, Table(s), and other associated information in this site at any time without notice.


As a Sametime administrator, confirm and/or disable client features not supported with Limited installs by performing the following steps:

  1. In sametime.ini of the Sametime Community server, confirm the following parameters:
    • ST_BRANDING_INFO=entry 
    • IMOnly=1
  2. In the policies.user.xml file of the Sametime Community server, modify the "current value" for the following items:
    Note: There are 2 of these to set, 1 for default and 1 for anonymous. Be sure to at least change the one for default policy which should be the first entry you find in the file.
    Table 1. Default Policy
    Value Description
    im.2019, current-value=1 Requires this community to be the default, primary community.
    im.2011, current-value=0 Disables ability to add multiple communities to the Installed Sametime Client.
    im.2001, current-value=0 Disables the ability to add external users via the Sametime Gateway.
    im.enableOrganizationTreeView, current-value=0 Disables the organization tree view.
    im.3000, current-value=0 Disables the use of some integrated features of the client (Audio-Video for example).
    im.2009, current-value=0 Disables Screen Captures and Image Transfer.
    im.2005, current-value=0 Disables File Transfer.
    im.thirdPartyMeetingEnabled, current-value=0 Disable Instant Meeting invite.