Uninstalling and Reinstalling Sametime Community Server v11/v11FP1

This section provides information on uninstalling and reinstalling customer installed Sametime Community Server v11/v11FP1 on top of domino v11.0.1 on linux..

About this task

The proper way to uninstall Sametime is using the Uninstaller that is included in the _HCL folder.

Note: The user can't find uninstaller.bin under datadir/_uninstst folder like the way it can be seen for V9.0.1 community server.

For example, in /local/notesdata for a Sametime FP1 installation, the folder is called " _HCL Sametime Server 11.0 FP1_installation/" and in that folder, there is an executable called "Change HCL Sametime Server 11.0 FP1 Installation". Execute this script to uninstall Sametime 11 FP1.

There is a similar script for 11.0.

Note: Be sure to backup key files as needed -

- stconfig.nsf

- sametime.ini

- vpuserinfo.nsf

- UserInfoConfig.xml

- chatlogging.ini

To uninstall Domino , follow this TN - https://support.hcltechsw.com/csm?id=kb_article&sysparm_article=KB0035166

If you are preparing this server for a clean install and are not worried about backups or preserving Domino itself, then the simplest method of cleaning a linux machine is to:
  1. Delete the:
    1. /local/notesdata directory.
    2. /opt/hcl directory.
    3. /var/.com.zerog.registry.xml file.
  2. Then proceed with the re-installs.