This section describes why MongoDB is required for HCL Sametime and the deployment options.

Why do I need MongoDB?

MongoDB is required for persistent chat, mobile push notifications and to store reserved meeting rooms.

What is Persistent Chat?

HCL Sametime 11 delivers a simple and intuitive persistent chat experience that works the way users expect it to work. Chats flow seamlessly across desktop, web, and mobile devices. Chat history is available from any device. When you're logged on to multiple devices, chats sync across them all.

Which clients support persistent chat?

Version 11 clients

Which clients require persistent chat?

All new version 11 Web and Mobile clients require MongoDB.

Which clients do not support persistent chat?

All clients previous to version 11, additionally, the classic web client used in iNotes, Verse and Connections do not support persistent chat.

What kinds of things are saved to the database?

Screenshots, emojis and text of chats are all saved. File transfers are not saved.

How long are things stored in MongoDB? Is that configurable?

Default time to live (TTL) is 90 days, configurable.

How much disk space is it expected to use? 

The amount of space used depends on what activity is logged for the users. User behaviors will affect the total size.

What are the system requirements?

Please see: HCL Sametime 11.6 System Requirements.

Can I install MongoDB on the Community server?

Yes it is supported, but in an enterprise deployment, HCL recommends installing MongoDB on a dedicated server.

What happens if MongoDB is not available to Sametime Community, or to Sametime Proxy?

  • If persistent chat is enabled, then no chats are able to take place.
  • If persistent chat is disabled, users are still able to chat.

Where is MongoDB chat information stored?

Chatlogging data is stored in data/db path as specified in the mongod.conf configuration file.

Can this persistent chat feature be used in place of a chat logging compliance chat history store?

MongoDB persistent chat logging is intended to give a user experience across different clients. It is not designed for a typical chat logging compliance. The data is stored inside of the database and not in text readable format.

Is MongoDB required and used by the HCL Sametime Meetings server?

Yes, the Meetings server uses MongoDB to store created and reserved meeting rooms. The Meeting server must have access to a MongoDB server. You can use an existing MongoDB server that is used by the Sametime Community and Proxy servers or a separate MongoDB server that is deployed only for Meetings server usage. The data created and used by the Meetings server is independent of the data created and used by the Community and Proxy servers.