Encryption usage in Sametime

HCL® Sametime® uses several types of encryption to protect data.

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Encryption usage

The following table lists the types of encryption for various types of data and the length of each type of encryption key.

Table 1. Encryption usage in Sametime
Algorithm Mode Related key length Function
HMAC-SHA256 Signature 256-bit (via server shared secret) JWT
SHA256 Integrity check 256-bit Conversation integrity
RC2 Confidentiality (user data) Various key length (40-bit/128-bit in different circumstances) (generated via Diffie-Helman) Message encryption
TLS 1.2 In transit data 128/256-bit depending on cipher chosen HTTPS c2s traffic
DTLS/SRTP In transit data 256-bit Media c2s traffic
OLM In transit data 256-bit E2EE c2c media
bcrypt Stored data 10 salt rounds Meeting password