Configuring Sametime Community Chat Logging with MongoDB

This topic guides you through the steps for configuring HCL Sametime Community server chat logging with MongoDB.

About this task

Note: These steps are required to support Persistent Chat. HCL Sametime Web and Mobile clients will not function without Persistent Chat enabled.



  1. Review the values in the chatlogging.ini to ensure they are correct.
    • A new configuration parameter CL_MONGO_URL in the chatlogging.ini file overrides the existing configuration settings that apply when the user installs MongoDB on a different server. This parameter is needed for MongoDB clustering and not if using a single MongoDB instance.

      For more information see, Connection string URI format.


      • If the CL_MONGO_URL setting does not exist in the chatlogging.ini file, use the old settings.
      • It is not possible to set the CL_MONGO_URL configuration item during the Sametime installation. After installation, to use the URL approach, you must manually configure the CL_MONGO_URL parameter in the chatlogging.ini file.
    • If the MongoDB is installed on a different server than the HCL Sametime Community server, these values will need to be updated.
      Note: If you followed the examples in the Install MongoDB section, the defaults should work without any modifications. If you used a different username or password or installed MongoDB on a separate machine, you must update the following settings in chatlogging.ini as appropriate.


  2. To set up MongoDB for clustering, in the chatlogging.ini file, add the CL_MONGO_URL parameter and correct or confirm the IP address of the MongoDB server.
    Note: If you do not want to set up MongoDB for clustering, do not add a CL_MONGO_URL parameter to the chatlogging.ini. This value overrides the MongoDB settings specified during install and only needed when MongoDB clustering.
  3. If any changes were made, save the chatlogging.ini file.
  4. Start the HCL Community Server for these changes to take effect.
    At this point the Sametime Community server is configured to support persistent chat from Sametime Connect and Embedded clients. See HCL Sametime - Persistence Chat Check for a quick video demonstrating how to test this configuration is working properly.

What to do next

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