Starting a Sametime Gateway Server cluster

When starting a cluster for the first time, you must start the deployment manager, node agents, and XMPP proxy server first. Then start all Sametime® Gateway Servers in the cluster.

Before you begin

You must install Sametime Gateway Server on each node, federate the nodes into the cell, run the Cluster Configuration Wizard, and then set up SIP and XMPP proxy servers for your cluster.

About this task

In the steps that follow, you start the deployment manager in a command window so that you can log in to the Integrated Solutions Console and complete the remaining steps. After the deployment manager is started, you can view the Integrated Solutions Console pages. However, you cannot view the Sametime Gateway Server administration pages until you start at least one node agent and the Sametime Gateway Server on that node.

For additional information about default paths, see Directory conventions.


  1. Log in to the deployment manager node as a user with administrative privileges.
  2. Open a command window and navigate to the profile_root\bin directory
  3. If not already started, start the deployment manager with the following command:

    AIX® and Linux™



  4. Log in to one of the Sametime Gateway Server nodes.
  5. Open a command window and navigate to the profile_root\bin directory.
  6. Start the node agent with the following command.

    AIX and Linux



  7. Log in to the other nodes, except the deployment manager node, and repeat the previous steps to start the node agent on each node.