Sametime component URLs

This section lists the URLs for IBM® Sametime® servers and components.

The following table lists the URLs for logging in to Sametime:

Table 1. Sametime URLs
Sametime component URL Logging in

Sametime System Console

A single Integrated Solutions Console URL is only applicable if you deploy a cluster and choose to use the Sametime System Console as the deployment manager for all Sametime products.

http://consoleserverhost name.domain:8700/ibm/console

The default port is 8700 for all platforms.

Log in with your WebSphere® Application Server User ID and password. Click Sametime System Console > Sametime Servers.

Sametime Gateway Server

http:/gatewayserverhostname. domain:port/ibm/console

The default port is 9060 for all platforms.

If you have installed a single Sametime Gateway Server, this will be the one Sametime Gateway profile you have. If you have a cluster setup, this profile will be the deployment manager profile that your Sametime Gateway Server has been clustered with.

Log in with your WebSphere Application Server User ID and password.

Sametime web client

http://proxyserverhostname. domain:port/stwebclient/index.jsp

To verify the port number being used by the Sametime Proxy Server, log in to the Sametime System Console.. In the WebSphere Application Server administrative console, click Servers - WebSphere application servers - WebSphere - STProxyServer - ports -WC_defaulthost to find the port number.

Log in with your user name and password.

Meeting Room Center

http://meetingserver hostname.domain:port/ stmeetings

To verify the HTTP port number being used by the Sametime Meeting Server, open the AboutThisProfile.txt file for the Sametime Meeting Application Server Profile and use the setting specified for the HTTP transport port. The default profile name is STMAppProfile.

Log in with your user name and password.
Sametime Advanced Server http://serverhostname.domain:port/stadvanced Log in with the Sametime Administrator user name and password.