Backing up WebSphere Application Server configurations

As part of a routine maintenance schedule or before upgrading Sametime® servers that run on the WebSphere® Application Server, back up the WebSphere Application Server configurations.

About this task

The BackupConfig command backs up only the WebSphere Application Server configuration; it does not back up Sametime programs and configuration. If you need to back-up Sametime (for example, before applying a fix), you must back up using a program with a larger scope, such as taking an image of the server.

Run the backupConfig command for each of the configurations that are relevant to Sametime. Note the exact name and location of the backed-up configurations so that you can find them if you need to roll back to an earlier configuration.

  1. Back up the deployment manager configuration.
  2. Back up the application server configuration.
  3. Back up the federated node configurations.
For more information, see backupConfig command in the WebSphere Application Server information center.