Running Sametime

Newly installed IBM® Sametime® servers running on IBM WebSphere® Application Server can be started from the Services panel. When installation completes, verify that the services are created properly and for Windows™, that dependencies are set to avoid problems when the system restarts.

About this task

Keep these guidelines in mind regarding Sametime server services.
  • In a clustered environment, you should remove the original installed services and add the service manually for each cluster member.

    When clustering, WebSphere Application Server renames the server application. The nodeagent service is based on the name of the profile directory, and is unaffectedly the renaming; however, the application service is based on the name of the application itself, and must be deleted and recreated with the new name.

  • Linux™ services will be turned off by default; Windows services will be set as "Manual" by default.
  • During uninstallation, these services will be removed by installer. If installation or uninstallation fails and the services are not removed, or if you are creating a cluster, manually clean up the services with this command:

    Linux: chkconfig --del service_name

    Windows: sc delete service_name