Adding and removing names from an Administrators Group document

Control access to the Sametime® Administration Tool by editing the Group document.

About this task

Adding a user's name to the Administrators Group document provides the user with access to the Sametime Administration Tool. Removing a user's name from the Group document revokes the user's access to the Sametime Administration Tool.


  1. Open the Sametime Administration Tool.
  2. Click LDAP Directory > Add Sametime Administrators > Create a group for the administrators.
  3. Double-click a group name.
  4. Select Edit Group.
  5. In the Members field, add or remove a user's name from the Group document. If you add a user's name, the user must have a Person document in the Sametime Directory that contains a last name, user name, and Internet password. Make sure to enter the name exactly as it is entered in the top entry of the "User name" field of a user's Person document.

    The user must enter a last name or user name and the Internet password from the Person document to access the Sametime Administration Tool.

  6. Click Save & Close.