Managing trusted IP addresses

Whenever you install an IBM® Sametime® server that communicates with a Sametime Community Server, you must add the new server's IP address to the Community Server's list of trusted IP addresses.

About this task

The Community Server accepts connections from the Sametime Media Manager's Conference Manager component, the Sametime Gateway, the Sametime Community Mux, and the Sametime Proxy Server. To ensure that the Sametime Community Server trusts these servers when they establish a connection, you must add their IP addresses to the Community Server.

You do not need to add the Sametime System Console's IP address because it is added automatically when you install the Community Server.

This task must be completed separately for each Community Server within cluster, as well as for multiple non-clustered Community Servers.


  1. Log in to the WebSphere® Integrated Solutions Console as the WebSphere administrator.
  2. Click Sametime System Console > Sametime Servers > Sametime Community Servers.
  3. In the Sametime Community Servers list, click the name of the Community Server that you want to update.
  4. Click the Connectivity tab.
  5. In the Trusted Servers section, locate the New IP Address field and type the IP address of the server that must connect to the Sametime Community Server, and then click Add.
    • If you are installing a cluster of servers that will connect to the Community Server, add the IP address of the primary node and every secondary node in the cluster, separating the entries with commas (you do not need to include the deployment manager).
    • For the Media Manager, type the Conference Manager's IP address and the Video Manager's IP address.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Restart the Community Server for the change to take effect.