Changing user names

When you change user or group names in the directory, the change is not reflected in IBM® Sametime® Community Server databases. In order to synchronize the directory names with the names in the Community Server databases, you must run the name conversion utility.

About this task

Running the name conversion utility updates Community Server user or group names with the latest directory changes. The name conversion utility uses a comma-separated value list that you compile to change names, delete names, or convert all names from Domino® to Domino LDAP formatted names.

Users create a contact list, a privacy list, and an alert-me-when list in the IBM Sametime Connect Client client by selecting user names or group names from the Domino or Domino LDAP directory that is used with the Community Server. These contact, privacy, alert-me-when lists are stored in the user information database (vpuserinfo.nsf) on Community Servers. When a user starts the Sametime Connect Client client, the lists are downloaded from the database to update the lists stored on the client's local computer.

You do not need to run the name conversion utility when you add new users or groups to the Domino or LDAP directory.

Run the name conversion utility manually on a stand-alone Community Server, or on a server in a cluster which will replicate the change throughout the cluster.
Note: Be sure to stop the Domino server before you run the name conversion utility.

The name conversion utility accepts the following name changes:

Table 1. Descriptors for the name change utility
Descriptor Purpose
ID Change specified first names, last names, display names, or group names.
ORGANIZATION Change the organization name for all users.
LDAP Changes all contact list information from Domino Directory format to LDAP format. For example, a user listed as CN=Maria Smith/OU=Sales/O=IBM changes to CN=Maria Smith,OU=Sales,O=IBM.
Note: This task can be performed only once because you can only convert the directory format one time.
DELETE Remove specified individual contact names from contact lists and privacy lists.
REPORT Generate textual output of vpuserinfo.nsf into CSV files.
REPLACE_HOST Change the community host for all users.